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Generic tamoxifen brands such as Actonel (Cialis), and Norvasc (Tamoxifen citrate) may be prescribed by your doctor or a pharmacist only to treat some premenstrual breast pain. There are also many different types of hormonal contraceptives (some them with a progestin component (Hormonal Contraceptives in Women [5] ) and/or other medications that could be prescribed. It is important to understand that all medications you take, including prescription supplements such as tamoxifen and progesterone, must be well researched and considered carefully when you make any drug-free choices for use during pregnancy. Many different types have been used for decades without any apparent adverse effects, but there is currently no evidence that these medications are beneficial for treating breast pain during pregnancy. In addition, no long-term outcome studies have been done on long-term use of tamoxifen (or other hormones including oral contraceptives that are taken during pregnancy). : Women who are pregnant may need to avoid the use of various types medications for premenstrual period pain. The list below includes most important medications to be avoided during pregnancy. However, your doctor or a pharmacist can recommend medications that may be of help to you (the exact medications may differ based on your particular condition). Before starting any type of medication: Discuss with your doctor a list of all medications you are already taking, including prescription and over the counter medicines, as well recreational drugs (including marijuana or nicotine) and herbal products. Discuss the pros and cons of starting or stopping any type of medication or using a different type for pain relief. Discuss with your doctor and pharmacist any possible allergies to medications or other that may Can i buy zovirax over the counter in canada cause the same treatment-related issues. You should know that some pregnant women can suffer from a severe allergic reaction (difficulty breathing and hives on contact with an ingredient in some medications) resulting anaphylaxis. Talk to your pharmacist or doctor about the risk and benefits of using medications, including those mentioned in this section. You are not a medical professional. This section is not meant to replace professional medical advice or instructions for medication use during pregnancy and is not intended to replace or supersede that information from your doctor or pharmacist. The information contained in these statements reflects the best available evidence at time of review. However, the author provides his or her opinion only and should not be taken as medical advice and is not a substitute for your doctor's advice and/o